Become your pizza chef at home

Learn how to make the authentic Italian pizza in your own kitchen.
With the help of Marco, our Neapolitan pizza maker and his step by step photo and video cooking course app How To Pizza.


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100% Italian

All recipes and videos are exclusively designed and produced in Italy and offer you a large selection of toppings, shapes and pizza variations.

Your pizza cookbook

From the right pizza dough recipe and the original pizza sauce up to the appropriate pizza baking time in your own home oven. 
A large selection of original pizza recipes and how to prepare them with your own kitchen tools.

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• Easy to follow cooking class 
• Detailed step by step tutorial
• Inside tips from our pizza chef
• Authentic pizza images
• Real time cooking videos 
• Elegant and easy to handle interface

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Much more to come

Complete your Italian pizza cookbook with upcoming chapters including:
• Calzone recipes 
• Fried pizzas
• White pizzas
• Sweet pizzas
• Special ingredients for amazing pizza toppings!